Placencia Movie

So, after spending the best part of every evening of last week clumsily editing this thing together, here’s my first (and quite possibly last) attempt at film-making.  Due to the GoPro camera that I was using not having a screen or view-finder, and people’s tendency (certainly mine) to aim the camera higher than it needs to be, most of what’s being shown is several metres above what I was actually trying to capture!  But at least I’ve managed to edit out all the shaky parts as I press repeatedly on the unit, trying to make sure that it’s turning on or off.  Plus the sections that play like a chase sequence from The Bourne Ultimatum, where the camera suddenly appears to be afflicted with Parkinson’s.  Not to mention the bits which consist of a five-second shot of my face looking quizzically at the camera, silently asking myself ‘Is this thing on?’.  And the classic one-minute-long sequence of my fingertips.

WordPress (the free blogging software I use) is very good, but, if you want to add audio or video files to a blog post, you have to buy a space upgrade (despite the fact that I still have plenty of space left on my free quota!).  So, as I’m too tight to pay for it, I’ve whacked the video on YouTube instead.

If you’re hoping to get a close-up of the majestic whale shark, you might want to look at some other videos afterwards – due to my excitement at seeing my first and only specimen, and my subsequent agitated fiddling with the camera, the damn thing is only in the film for the briefest of moments.  My filming and editing may not quite be on a par with Vittorio Storaro and Thelma Schoonmaker, but at least there are some pretty shots of the ocean, the reef, and a turtle.  And it’s only five minutes long.  Happy watching!


2 thoughts on “Placencia Movie

  1. Surely, Happy Happy Joy Joy would have been a better choice of music!

    Looks lovely. I was as wet as that riding into work this morning however.


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