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My name is John Pascoe, I’m originally from the UK, and I’m currently working in Belize as an IT adviser at the BCVI (Belize Council for the Visually Impaired), a non-profit NGO based in Belize City that aims to prevent and cure blindness, restore sight and rehabilitate & educate blind people.

I found the post through Challenges Worldwide, an international development charity that places skilled volunteers into assignments with partner organisations in developing countries.  And after the initial volunteer bit finished, I stayed, and I’ve been here ever since.

Feel free to read my blog, look at the photos, check out the links, and make comments.  You can even subscribe, if you want to keep up with my wanderings and ponderings.  And if you want to contact me directly, you can do so at john(dot)pascoe(at)gmail(dot)com.  Thanks.


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi John,

    I enjoyed looking around your website and found it very informative when looking for information about living in Belize. I’m emailing to see if you would be interested in adding a link on your website to International Living.

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  2. just read your rice and beans…guatemala/belize dispute musings… right on brother…
    assuming you would know the garels…Milagro and joe…they can tell you all about me… a tid bit.. i probably have the largest private collection of british honduras stuff including vintage first edition books over 1000, 100s of maps and original documents created over the centuries that includes the territory of belize… over 7000 other items rivaling the belize national library or archives

    i will be in belize maybe on jan 20th to attend the next day belize historical association meeting

    thanks for putting out stuff in our defense… the guatemalan intellectuals/academians are out there writing their versions… too few belizeans are writing… i am bi-lingual so read the guatemala stuff including their newspapers and government websites.

    All the best… hoping to meet you someday… if you are in Belize try to attend the Jan 21st 2017 Belize Historical Association meeting in Belmopan at the NICH building starting at 8:30am

    Jorge Clarke

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    • Hello Jorge,

      Thank you for finding my blog, and thanks for reading and commenting on it.

      Yes, I do know the Garels, I had the honour of meeting all of them,
      and spending some time at the BCVI working with Rowan – it’s great
      that he’s doing so well, now at university in the States.

      So, have how long have you had your collection of British Honduras /
      Belize stuff? I’m guessing you must have collected it slowly over
      many years. Have you been / will you be using it as part of the
      Guatemala ICJ issue?

      As someone who has lived and worked in Belize, I’m disappointed in the
      Guatemalan position (although maybe not that surprised); but I’m more
      disappointed in the current GOB’s response, which seems to be doing
      nothing to put off the Guatemalans or strengthen Belize’s position.
      In that respect, that’s why I’d be for the ICJ route – I don’t
      believe they would consider giving any part of the country away
      (especially when the borders are internationally recognised, and have
      been for years). And even if the Guatemalans don’t have to abide by
      the ruling, it would be a start. But that’s my opinion, it’s up to
      the Belizeans to ultimately decide.

      And the Guatemalans do need convincing. Even if their government
      and/or military know they’re lying to the people, all the regular
      people I met in Guatemala were completely convinced that their country
      once owned Belize; and I had to politely inform them otherwise (with
      varying degrees of success!).

      Sadly, I’ve left Belize now, and I’m back in the cold UK. So
      unfortunately, I won’t be able to meet you. Hopefully, another time
      in the future…

      Thanks again, and best wishes.


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