About This Blog

As the title says, this blog is intended as a collection of stories, information and general musings, as I work, live and travel in Belize.

It will contain information about who I work for, what I’m doing, and where I’m working; information about Belize; stories of my travels when I’m not working; and some general musings – the random dumping of bits of my brain onto the Internet.

After I finish working in Belize, I intend to travel around Central America (and maybe South America too, time and money permitting).  This blog will record some of the things I do and places I visit.  And after that, I’m not sure – perhaps I’ll use it as a travel blog, or a work blog, or a dumping ground for all those random thoughts.

This blog contains mature themes, irreverent humour, long words and strong opinions.  It may not be suitable for children, those of a nervous disposition, or anyone without a reasonable amount of intelligence and a sense of humour.

Finally, I should point out (in case it wasn’t ridiculously obvious already) that this blog is the personal expression of the author (i.e. me) – the opinions expressed in it are my own, and not necessarily those of any of the organisations that I’m affiliated with.


2 thoughts on “About This Blog

    • CR does have plenty of adrenaline activities to do, Mrs M. I just made sure I did them all before I arrived, as they were much cheaper in other countries! So I’ve been just hiking and seeing some beaches, mostly. Although I think you would love the bird watching possibilities here (if you haven’t already visited, that is!). Up next for me is Panama :-)


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