Independent Man

First of all, apologies for my tardiness in updating the blog – it’s the last week of March already (where does the time go eh?), and the last post was at the end of February, one whole month ago.  Having moved into a new apartment at the beginning of March, I’m now spending most of my free time doing all the stuff that my erstwhile land-lady used to do for me.  And it’s taking up much more of my life than I realised.  I now have to be a grown-up big boy and do everything for myself again and, despite being looked after in my last place for only three months, I seem to have lost the ability to do anything more complicated than shower for myself.  That short time of being waited on hand and foot has left me totally dependent, as helpless as a new-born puppy, and I now have to re-learn all those independent tasks I used to take for granted and do automatically.  That’s despite having done all those things for myself for many years, and positively prided myself on my so-called independence. Continue reading