Steve Jobs, Diana-mania, and the Cult of Apple

I was first made aware of Steve Jobs’ death in the evening of the day that he died, a few hours after Apple released the news to the public.  I probably saw it before most Europeans, as I was watching it as breaking news on various American news channels while most of my blog readers (well, both of them!) were tucked up in bed.  What struck me immediately was the level of coverage given to the story – every single American news station was running pieces on it, and they continued to run them throughout the rest of the evening until I finally went to bed (after my nightly dose of Family Guy and Robot Chicken).  In what (sadly) has become a typical newsroom technique, to make up for not having anything new to say on the story, they were endlessly stating and re-stating the news, going live to various commentators for their opinions, taking calls (or, in the more zeitgeist-capturing moments, reading Tweets!), then going back to repeating themselves. Continue reading