Activities in Belize – The Rest

In the previous post I focused on the quintessentially Belizean activities of scuba diving and snorkelling.  But Belize has plenty more ingredients for an adventurous holiday, both on water and land. Continue reading


Activities in Belize – Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

Belize is an outdoorsy kind of place.  Obviously, every country has places that are outside (unless you’re a Lemurian living in the underground city of Telos).  But Belize, probably more than any country I’ve visited, is a place that can only be fully experienced in the out-of-doors.  Apart from a couple of museums and a handful of cultural buildings (and as pleasant as they all are, none of them are must-sees), there isn’t much in the way of indoor attractions – so if you’ve come on holiday to visit world-class museums, cutting-edge art galleries, or experimental theatres, you’ll be disappointed.  But when you’ve got some of the most pristine jungle on earth, the planet’s second-largest coral reef, hundreds of islands, and tens of Maya ruins, all of it accessible, and all of it bathed in a tropical climate, no one’s coming here to stay indoors. Continue reading