The Aggregations of the Crustaceans – Part 1

Belize’s tropical waters are home to a smorgasbord of tasty marine life, including the Caribbean Spiny Lobster.  It’s an ugly but delicious sea insect (lobsters are arthropods, just like shrimps, crabs, scorpions, and spiders – remember that, the next time you say you love prawn cocktail but get all grossed out by someone eating a bug on TV), and it’s a very popular seafood menu item here.  So popular in fact, that the Fisheries Department has a season (and size limit) on them – lobster season runs from June to February; so for almost all of the first half of every year (the lobsters mating and spawning season), it’s not on the menu (but it’s conch season then, so you can feast on delicious sea snails instead!). Continue reading


Islands and Beaches of Belize

With a coastline that runs the entire length of the country, a skinny profile that means you’re never more than 100 kilometres from the sea, the northern hemisphere’s largest (and the world’s second-largest) coral reef right on your doorstep, and the environment and climate of the tropics, it’s no wonder Belize is a popular destination for sun, sand, and sea lovers. Continue reading