A Recollection of La Recoleta

Having, finally, made it (almost) all the way down the length of South America, from Cartagena in Colombia to the Chilean capital of Santiago, then over the Andes from Santiago to Mendoza in Argentina, and across the vast pampas to Buenos Aires, I’m at my final stop. And I’ve just enough time here to work off all that barbecued meat and red wine with a stroll around BA’s most famous tourist site, the celebrity cemetery of La Recoleta. Continue reading


Malbec and Meat in Mendoza

Like neighbouring Chile, Argentina is now world-famous for its wine, and the ground zero of Argentinian vino is Mendoza. At around 700m above sea level, nestled in the eastern foothills of the Andes, with a tree-lined Spanish colonial town centre, and a sunny climate that lends itself to al fresco eating and drinking, Mendoza would be a lovely place to visit, even without the famous alcohol. “The Land of Sun and Wine” certainly lives up to its name, with miles of vineyards and hundreds of wineries dotted around the province, which together produce over 2/3 of Argentina’s wine. Continue reading

Over the Andes

Having travelled down to the Chilean capital of Santiago (which is as far south as I’m going to on this trip), it’s now time to start heading east, and finally go over the mighty mountain range that I’ve been following ever since northern Colombia.  And what better place to do that virgin crossing (and pop my trans-Andean cherry) than in the shadow of the tallest mountain in the Americas. Continue reading