The Lake of Many Colours and the Town of Many Shops – Part 2

After what seems like an entire day on the road (and it’s still only lunchtime), we arrive in Bacalar.  And I have to say, the lagoon is very pretty – it’s known as ‘the lake of seven colours’, and the vivid shades of blue and green remind me of the Belizean Barrier Reef.  We head straight to the balneario, a swimming spot with various amenities.  Having slept for most of the way (and slept through the shopping), and eaten three Orange Walk tacos and a Chetumal McFlurry, it’s time for a proper meal.  There’s no doubt that the food is delicious (I have an enormous plate of fresh shrimp ceviche with extra beans and avocado, washed down with an ice-cold beer); but the service could definitely do with some improvement – the amount of time it takes for the waiters (who are so plentiful that they almost outnumber the customers) to hand out menus and take orders is interminable.  Watching the bored-looking staff milling about chatting to each other, while customers frantically wave arms and menus in the air in a desperate attempt to get noticed, reminds me that this country was colonised by Spain, after all ;-). Continue reading


The Lake of Many Colours and the Town of Many Shops – Part 1

Earlier this month, the BCVI went on a work retreat (my first), to Laguna Bacalar, just across the border in Mexico. Continue reading