The Aggregations of the Crustaceans – Part 2

The weekend after San Pedro’s Lobsterfest, and I’m back in the cayes, feasting once again on the delicious spiny little critters – only this time, I’m in Caye Caulker.  And I’m not spending all my time quaffing rum punches and lounging about (not ALL my time, anyway) – I’m working.  Like our trip to the Ag Show back in May, the BCVI is on an awareness-raising mission / fund-raising drive – this time, to raise money for our Rehab department and their work.  As part of the BCVI’s mission to both eradicate blindness and to rehabilitate those who are already irrevocably blind, our Rehab officers know the 1,200 people in Belize who are on our blind register, and work with them, their families, schools, and employers, to help them lead as independent lives as possible.  This not only involves the BCVI paying for the staff and their time, but also for the materials and equipment they supply; plus, the BCVI doesn’t charge its clients for these services (many of whom probably wouldn’t be able to pay anyway).  So this vital service costs us a truckload of money to provide, but doesn’t generate any income (as a non-profit organisation, nothing we do [or sell] generates a huge amount of income).  Hence the importance of fund-raising. Continue reading


Islands and Beaches of Belize

With a coastline that runs the entire length of the country, a skinny profile that means you’re never more than 100 kilometres from the sea, the northern hemisphere’s largest (and the world’s second-largest) coral reef right on your doorstep, and the environment and climate of the tropics, it’s no wonder Belize is a popular destination for sun, sand, and sea lovers. Continue reading

New Year

‘No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem’.  ‘Go Slow’.  They’re signs you see around Caye (pronounced Key) Caulker, one of the most well-known of the Cayes (islands) off the coast of Belize, and that laid-back Caribbean attitude, combined with the fact that it’s cheap and close to Belize City, is why I ended up there for New Year.  And, after eating my own body weight in turkey over Christmas and having eaten virtually no other carbohydrates except rice since I arrived, and not having had any other meat except poultry, going to a popular tourist destination like the Cayes also means I can pig out on exotic ‘foreign’ food.  Like chips.  And pizza.  Plus, it’s lobster season until February, so now’s the perfect time to enjoy the spiny delicacies of the sea. Continue reading