¡Hola Guatemala! – The Sweet River

As you may remember from a previous post, last year I took my first trip across Belize’s western border to Guatemala. And after having waited so long to finally go there, I immediately realised how beautiful (and cheap) the country is, and how much I wanted to go back. After taking advantage of one of the many Belizean public holidays to revisit the jungle-covered and ruin-filled Petén department back in March, now it’s the Easter weekend, and time for another trip – this time to another place I’ve already glimpsed, the Rio Dulce, in the tropical south of the country. Continue reading


¡Hola Guatemala! – Rio Dulce and Livingston

Day 4

As easy-going and lovely as Flores is, it’s time to move on.  Having already had trouble from the Coyotes, I decide to eschew the tour agencies and travel like a local (travel agents in virtually every Guatemalan tourist town can book private shuttle buses for tourists, but they’re more expensive than public buses; and some of the agents aren’t exactly legit, either).  So I take a tuk-tuk from Flores to Santa Elena bus station, and jump on the first bus to Rio Dulce town.  Simples. Continue reading