Islands and Beaches of Belize

With a coastline that runs the entire length of the country, a skinny profile that means you’re never more than 100 kilometres from the sea, the northern hemisphere’s largest (and the world’s second-largest) coral reef right on your doorstep, and the environment and climate of the tropics, it’s no wonder Belize is a popular destination for sun, sand, and sea lovers. Continue reading


Two Men in a Boat

Let’s start this off with a confession.  The confession of a grumpy old man born before the Internet and mobile phones and the Web and the explosion of communications technology that we have today, the confession of an Englishman whose idea of meaningful communication is sitting silently with his family round the dinner table once a year: I don’t like Facebook that much.  There, I’ve said it.  Yes, I know everyone from your new-born baby to your 90-year-old Nan to the Queen to Jesus is on it; and yes, because everyone’s on it, it has become a very convenient way of keeping in touch with people.  It’s just taken me a long time to finally appreciate that.  Even now I don’t love it, and I certainly don’t spend as much time on it as many people I know do, but its uses are finally becoming more apparent to me. Continue reading